The lack of an FF/Cyberbully crossover was irking me.

The lack of an FF/Cyberbully crossover was irking me.

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Also lives to save the planet from the Shin-Ra corporation.

Also lives to save the planet from the Shin-Ra corporation.

Anonymous asked: Which members would you recommend for a party in FFVII? Or which are your favorites?

Realistically the game is easy enough that you can get through it with any party you want, especially because you can turn any character into a mage, tank, etc. based on your materia setup.  If you want to roll with the most, “storyline” accurate party, that would probably be Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent (if you haven’t played the game yet I won’t spoil the reasoning for you).  However, I don’t like using Vincent because of his limits, so my top party is Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie.  I use Cloud as a front row attacker, Tifa as a back row attacker and blue mage (give her long range materia and enemy skill), and Yuffie as a back row attacker, white/black mage, summoner, and morpher (her ultimate weapon does normal damage when morphing).  Just make sure you give Yuffie a lot of HP+ materia, or her HP will be so bogged down by all the magic materia that she’ll be extremely vulnerable in the endgame.

automated-exchanges-deactivated asked: This is my new favorite blog. I think Im in love. <3

Thank you :)

theladyelsa asked: Just wondering, is Theater Rhythm on the 3ds or regular ds?

Based on what I’ve read online, it will only be released on 3DS.  I’m sure more definitive information will be given as development progresses, however.


The Official TheatRhythm: Final Fantasy site has opened!

Although nothing much is on there besides 3 sections: the reason of the name; Prologue; and the general/staff info

When visiting any of the 3 sections, a FF character will appear and placing your mouse cursor over them and they will display an action.

By their order of their appearance on the site

  • FFI: Warrior of Light - does nothing, just continues running
  • FFIII: Onion Knight - jumps
  • FFVII: Cloud Strife - attacks
  • FFV: Bartz Klauser - falling/tripping or getting hit
  • FFXIII: Lightning - getting hit
  • FF: Chocobo - jumping with joy?

The Prologue: The space between the gods Cosmos and Chaos is known as “Rhythm” and “Rhythm” created the crystal that controls music and fills the world with sound. However Chaos and his force are ruining the peace, causing the crystal to lose its light. To restore the crystal’s light, the music wave “Rizpo” must be increased. So Cosmos’s warriors, guided by the crystal begin their musical journey.

Yeah, TheatRhythm: FF is pretty much the rhythm game version of Dissidia. 

Similar to Dissidia, you start the game by select a FF Title (FFI-FFXIII) and each title has 3 stages: Field; Battle; and Event. Each of those stages have different gameplay system. Your party will be 4 members, which will be the protagonists from the main FF titles. (Oh please let it be more than just them! Or else I’m going to get sick of these FF characters!)

Beside the rhythm gameplay, there will be character growth, collection aspects and Clearing a stage will also level up your character, whatever that may mean. (this definitely will be a rhythm game with some rpg element somewhere if it works or not)

Of course, being a Theater/Rhythm/Final Fantasy game, you can’t leave out the FF music! and some pieces confirmed are:

  • FFV-Clash on the Big Bridge
  • FFVII-One Winged Angel
  • FFX-At Zanarkand
  • FFXIII-Sunleth Waterscape
  • FF Main Theme (can be heard as the official site’s BGM)

Now why does the TheatRhythm: FF’s art style looks so similar to the KH Mobile avatars? Well, that’s because both of them have the same designer! Monster Octopus from Monster Soup announced on his/her twitter, Monster Octopus will be the designing the game’s characters, monsters, and logo. 

Now there is no release date or window for it to come to the 3DS yet, so can’t end this post like I usually do. So now we just wait to hear the sounds of the crystal for more info on TheatRhythm: Final Fantasy!

Source: FF-Reunion, Andriasang

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